Pencil on Tracing Paper. Artist Beverely Jane Stewart

Papers Available:

We are constantly experimenting with new papers, with the papers chosen for their print quality, unique properties and archival performance. All papers are colour profiled in house for optimum colour reproduction.



Breathing Colour





 File Submissions

We can print from most file types, jpeg, tiff, psd, pdf files but prefer jpegs or Tiff files.

We recommend you profile your computer screen when editing to achieve accurate colour.

Most errors we see occur in the resizing, sharpening and compression of the images. We can size your images for you but please do not sharpen the image as this will be undertaken just prior to printing.

Tiff files are an uncompressed  file format and therefore preferable for printing. Jpeg files compress the image so when sending jpegs we recommend saving at the highest quality setting to avoid unsightly artefacts.

Please let us know the size of the print plus the boarder size. Prints are charged by paper size and not image size.

You can send your files by We Transfer or please make an appointment for a consultation.

Every file submitted is assessed prior to printing.