Artwork Giclee printed using Kozo Paper. Artist Martin Davidson

Japanese Kozo Paper

Kozo paper is made from mulberry fibres which are used in Asia and Japan for their traditional papers. Despite being lightweight (34 gsm) and translucent, the paper is unbelievably strong because of the Kozo fibres in the structure of the paper. These fibres are visible and add to the hand made character of the paper.

The prints can be presented in a number of different ways due to the combination of it’s strength, lightness and translucent properties.

 Acetate Printing

Photograph printed onto Acetate for use printing contact negatives for alternative photographic process or screen printing. Photographer Duncan Phillips

Ideal for making stencils for screen printing, digital negatives for alternative darkroom processes and overlay images where a base image needs to be viewed.

Backlit film

Ideal for prints to be viewed on light boxes.

Banner Material

pop up displays, temporary signage


Self adhesive wallpaper that can be reused and repositioned