ACP Panels for Border Crossings, Pocahontas and After Exhibition, Syon House, London

We offer an in-house mounting and lamination service for our customers.

Ideal for presenting your work either as a stand alone artwork or for keeping your work flat for traditional framing.

Using acid free substrates and adhesive for prolonged longevity, dry mounting is not an archival process as it cannot be reversed.

 Kapaboard 3mm or 5mm

High quality foam board, light weight and cost effective. Ideal for temporary displays or dry mounting to keep artwork flat for traditional framing.

Fomex PVC Board

A more rigid substrate than foam board available in black or white 3mm or 5mm.Ideal for more permanent displays. Can be laminated for extra protection.

 ACP Panels

A lightweight Composite of Aluminium and PVC.

Lightweight, rigid and flat, large images can be wall mounted without the need for traditional framing. Fixed using a hidden subframe the artwork floats away from the wall for a clean contemporary look. Applying clear water laminate completes the picture.

Clear Water Ultra Glossy Laminate

This is about the best laminate we have come across. A unique film which provides an unprecedented water gloss finish to mounted printswith the deep gloss finish comparable with face mounting behind clear acrylic. Applying the laminate brings the print to life. The colours are richer, deeper and pop from the print. Usually applied to ACP mounted prints, it adds protection from UV and is non yellowing.

Not recommended for fine art paper.


We work closely with our framing partners who can offer a comprehensive conservation and exhibition framing service.

Gibson Frames (opens external link)